Dell Inspiron 24 – 3000 Series (Model: I3455-10041WHT)

**I received this Dell AIO Desktop from AMD, but the opinion expressed in this review is 100% my own. I have nothing to gain by misleading you in this review.



The Specs
CPU/GPU: AMD A8-7410 APU @2.2GHz with R5 Graphics 1GB at 847MHz
RAM: 8GB @1600MHz DDR3 (1 stick, Hyundai Brand)
Storage: 1TB 5400RPM 2.5″ Sata Hard Drive (TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100)
External Storage: SD Card reader on the side
USB Ports: 2×2.0 and 2×3.0 ports
Rom: DVD/CD Burner
Network: Build in Wireless/Bluetooth 4.0 with an Ethernet Port (10/100/1000 LAN) on Back
OS: Windows 10 Home x64bit
Screen: 23.8″ IPS LED Touch screen on 1080P resolution
External: HDMI out and Audio out
Webcam: Build in with dual microphone
Keyboard/Mouse: Dell KM632 wireless combo (comes with mini USB receiver and 4 Duracell batteries)
Speakers: Built in speakers on the front using Waves MaxxAudio Tech and a headphone jack on the side
Weight: 16.7lbs

The design of this All-in-One PC is easy on the eyes all around really shows off how you can have a PC with very little cables. I have a cat so less cables are great! The glossy black and white is always a plus to make it easy to flow with any theme around your house, whether be living room or bedroom it will look slick. People will love the touch-screen as most of are already using this on their smart phones, tablet and even on some laptops. It is uncommon to have something like this like this on a desktop PC screen but I found myself using it often. The colors were crisp and seemed to be full of life when watching videos. The screen is a good size to do your work on and very clear. You can get some glare depending on the angle as the screen is glossy. All the apps that I installed went without issue. When clicking on them they popped up quickly and loaded normally when touched. It does include a nice standard DVD/CD Burner on the right side.

The sound is decently good for built-in speakers. I am sure some would disagree on the subject but external speakers would compromise the aesthetics Dell was going for with this build and add more cost. I don’t know exactly how many speakers nor the size of them but they are clear and loud. Not that high crackling you hear with laptops or generic speakers you can buy. They did a great job with them for the space they had to work with.

Mouse and Keyboard
The keyboard and mouse have a nice smooth touch to them. With the small form keys make typing easier to get around, plus it’s not clicky clacky! The mouse formed perfectly around my hand and was easy to use. There was no input lag on either of these when working on this review and doing research.

The webcam was better than the laptops that I have used lately. It was not perfect but for both sides of a Skype video chat everything seemed great. The microphone’s quality sounded good if you were sitting directly in front of it, when off to the side it got a little low and had an echo. Nothing truly amazing but good for general use.

Other thoughts
What I really love about this PC, besides basically no cables, is that since it’s an AIO Desktop you can put it almost anywhere on any surface in the house without taking up room and can easily move it for a change of scene or to clean the surface it is on.
A lot of the bad reviews seem to be really based on Windows 10 issues more than the PC itself. OEM Bloatware has always been around and yes it can slow the PC down a good amount, I dislike it greatly myself. The 5400RPM hard drive is another reason you might feel it’s slow, I would like to have seen a SSD in there, speed > storage for tech like this.

Having a better BIOS would help as well, it’s very limited and locked in a lot of places that shouldn’t be for better performance and adjustments.

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